Paying for Car Parking at the Entebbe international Airport


If you are going to Entebbe Airport with a car know that you have to pay for the Airports parking space used. The amount depends on the time you spend there. As you enter at the gate you have to pick the ticket.

There’s enough space and you cannot fail to get somewhere to put your vehicle as you wait for the guests. After receiving the people you came to pick, be sure to clear the parking fees before you exit. Please get to know that you cannot move out with the vehicle if you haven’t paid. Here are the two various options you can use.

Visit the Machines

At the Airport there are some automatic machines you use to pay. From the parking you have to go at the far corner where these machines are located. For those who can’t find them, please ask any available officer for directions.

There’s as well a person who can direct you on how to use it. Once at the Machine the first thing is to insert in the ticket. It will then display the amount you have to pay. Go on and put in the money. It only allows paper notes from 2000 – 20000 UGX. The 50000 UGX note and coins don’t work.

Use Mobile money

If not the machines, you can make payment by use of Airtel and mobile money. Dial *227# and select the Airport parking option. Go on and enter the car number plate and the ticket ID. Follow other steps and make full payment. After payment, be sure to exit within 30 minutes. This option limits you from the long queue you may find at the machines.